Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 9 | Daydream

I really wanted to use a photo from my trip but I had to push myself to find something.  So I went off and organised me some bubbles. The reason why I choose bubbles you may ask..  well they are carefree, they float as they want …  when you daydream it is always shown in thought bubbles so why not use them to illustrate Daydream. Do you know hard it is to capture bubbles by yourself!  One finger on the shutter and blowing the bubbles in the other .. 

I want that … I want to be less confined by what society calls normal. I want to travel the world and get to know other cultures and enjoy meeting amazing people. 

I love being a tour director and I want to do it full time.  But work calls and the need to keep the money coming in.  sigh I wish I was at the amazing lakes of Canada. 

1 comment:

  1. *Sigh* with you..... I had to laugh at the thought of you trying to blow bubbles at the same time as take the pics, I rely on bubble machine but two extra small sets of hands make it just as tricky! Hope your daydreams are slowing turning to reality lovely Eileen! xx