Friday, March 9, 2012

Week 10 | Freedom

This one comes at perfect timing… I have just spent the past few weeks enjoying the freedom that comes with not working…  Trying new jobs out …  now if I can just get some money rolling in. 
The other side of the pacific - with stacy in my jkt because she was cold 
This photo wasn’t actually taken by me … but it was set up by me and that is crazy me on the right. It was week 3 of my trip and it was a perfect day. Recovering from our hangovers from the night before. (some more than others) and I wanted to put my feet in the other side of the pacific. While the Americans thought it was nuts given that it was like 10 degrees … this aussie thought it was very normal. 
Ocean Beach 
The freedom is from being back in the states and being the other side of me.  The freedom of opening myself up to a new career away from society considers to be normal.
At the cliff House 
The freedom of being on the road and getting to set my schedule along with truly loving what I am doing.  While I am still trying to make it happen call it stubborn because things have definitely not gone to plan. While I am still at odds if doing ITMI was the best idea for my redundancy but the friends I made were worth EVERY single dollar.  The lack of support and follow up has really disappointed me given the investment I made. 
Because Stacy was missing her horse so much
she had to ride the horse inspired driftwood
But I am glad I have preserved with it and making great contacts.  I love it and really enjoying the experiences I have had showing my guests my city.  

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