Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - bring on 2012

My hopes for 2011...  Something went astray!  Maybe the floods didn't help the tourism career...  
In 2011 My hopes for the year…  I am not going to say resolution but rather hopes! I think that is a more positive thought pattern.
1.  Settle into the new job – yes I have a new job. - Settled in and HATE every second..  Love the people hate the job...  
2.  Follow my dream - been chipping away at it slowly 
3.  Be true to myself - been getting slowly back on track..  
4.  Move to Canada or the USA it is time for a new life for me - maybe this year 
This New Years was a quiet one for me … can’t believe I actually got away with it.  I think out of the sheer exhaustion of the previous few weeks. So spent the night watching DVD’s and editing these photos … only to lose them all when Photoshop crashed…  so started all again …

My hopes for this year… more tours…  I love it and enjoy giving back.  Sharing our cities hidden treasures with visiting guests.    Thank you everyone’s support on Facebook during the week. The tour went really well and my guests had an awesome time and so did i.  But just goes to show how much support I get from my family – not one single message of support and the fact they don’t read this either so they won’t know that I am not impressed with them. Makes moving overseas an easier decision…  I will miss the nieces and nephews for sure… so bring on May 1st...

Left to Right: 

Brisbane Floods – Taken on the Wednesday the night before the peak. 

Just around the corner from my place – the amazing clouds and rays. 

No February photos – all preparation for mammoth garage sales

Heading back stateside… sigh I was so happy to be heading back..  Hate the flight – it is loooong but thank you Qantas for the seat to myself J there and back.

Downtown San Francisco – right near my hotel – walked past this beautiful building every day

Golden Gate Bridge – needs no introduction – awesome afternoon with the beautiful stace

My gals – they keep me sane, tethered to this world and inspired.  Never met anyone as amazing as all of them, Their inner strength keeps me inspired.  I feel so privileged to call them friends. My whole ITMI class were amazing one of the most supportive group of people I have worked with but My gals in Stace, Rach and Katie Kate. They were there for me when I was sick and made sure I ate and stayed healthy.  Also made me laugh and smile when I least felt like it.  Thank you gals and this photo was taken when we stopped to remove the snow chains… someone (yes me the crazy aussie) decided to have a snowball fight and everyone was on the bus laughing and talked the girls into the photo. Thank you for the happy memories. 

Me in the Serra Nevada’s… I love snow… have I said that before…  I love the beauty of it…  the softness, the quietness…  How it feels like as it falls around you… 

Hyde street pier…  My 2nd last day in San fran… I just wandered and enjoyed. The water was like glass and the sky a beautiful rich blue. So amazing. 

Brisbane Wheel – spending a day with the cousin.

Toowoomba – shortly after I got back from San Francisco I headed up to those hills… 

Mt Glorious and Redcliffe – Were part of a 30 day explore life challenge… I love the sunflare

Winter Sunset – didn’t take a lot of photos – the depression had snuck back in when I realised the reality of my life and had a massive tantrum with the world.

Riverfire – my first date with my sister for the first time in a year.  I had missed her. 

Brisbane Wheel – taken the same night as riverfire – I loved the bright blue

Wickham Terrace – Since I was on the terrace for a specialist appt and had my camera..  so why not.

Lost – the other side of me… read about that one on the previous blog post

Melbourne – my less than willing model – but birthday in Melbourne who is complaining. 

Wedding – One of my school friends got married at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th Month and extra bonus of 2011.  Felt horribly under dressed but it was a beautiful ceremony. Also terribly hot and humid that day but fun to wander around the city.   

Sweet Sixteen – My niece who arrived 2 weeks early back in 1995 was the first grandchild celebrated her 16th birthday. Lets hope we see some more maturity from her …  she still has a lot of growing to do especially in the way she treats her family. Who when you least expect you will need and if you continue pushing them away the way you are … they won’t be there.  I will stop ranting now. 

Balloon fun – last shoot of my October photography course – I love this shot

Brisbane night time – went out shooting with some of the girls from the photography course and it was amazing and fun night. 

Kurlipa Bridge – went out with the crazy scot from the photography course and we had a great night trying to capture the sunset

Aussie Xmas – yes that is a crocodile in the pool and uncle Rayme helping Finn use the hose which provided a lot of entertainment. 

Moreton Island – private tour for a full day with some guests from Chicago… So much fun

Christmas Decorations – I didn’t put a tree up this year and so I used my parents and that little decoration has been on the tree for a very long time.
Christmas  Tree – fitting way to end the year and my mums tree J
So I hope this year will be better – I seem to have better years on the even years for some reason. 
So happy New Year and wishing you a wonderful 2012. 


  1. What a big year you've had! Heres hoping all your dreams and hopes come to fruition in 2012 xx

  2. Thanks Marsha... Not as good as I hoped ... but hopefully this year :)