Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 7 - Banff

Day 7 – Banff

Had a bit of sleep in until about 8.30am which helped a bit but it was still freezing out there and I could see the snow-capped peaks from the room.  So I went to starbucks to check emails and have something light for brekkie.  
Banff with Hipstamtic 

Mum and Dad had sent messages so I tried to sort out as much as I could but I needed a letter from the camera shop to say that it wouldn’t be repaired and I knew that was never going to happen but hopefully they might have a better idea on the fixability of it. 
I loved the Look that this created

So I got a different guy this morning and he was a little bit rude and thought I was trying to commit insurance fraud.  But all I wanted was to say that it can be repaired but can’t confirm the repair because in reality; no one could not even Nikon.  Also because it was a USA Nikon they had to send it to Seattle to be fixed.  So he gave me the letter in PDF format. So glad I had my portable USB with me because that made things so much easier that I could just get the file then and there. 
Banff - the expensive end of town 

 Went and went outside and sat down and cried because I felt like the holiday had been ruined.  
Close of the Snow Cap Peaks in Banff
But one of my FB friends kicked my arse and instead of sitting in Starbucks and waiting for the responses back from the insurance companies etc i went out to experience Banff.  I decided to go up on the gondola and experience Sulphur Mountain which is where the hot springs get sourced from.  
Overlooking Banff from the Gondola 

$30 later I was on my way up...  hoping it wasn't going to be a waste the way Grouse Mountain was.  But as I headed up to the mountain..  the huge trees on the cliff face were amazing then I saw them... the snow covered trees were just amazing up close i just fell in love right there and then...
Need I say more 
When I got up to the top ... WOW WOW WOW ....  all covered in snow and took my breathe away literally... both the Altitude and the scenery.  It was just amazing.  I just walked around enjoyed. I got this lovely English girl to take my photo of the view with me in it so I can remind myself in 5 years that I was really there instead of thinking it was a dream.
Just to show how much snow 
As I started to take it all in and enjoy it and it was just mind blowing... The massiveness of the mountains...  Also it gives you a full understanding of why the Rockies are called the Rockies with the mountains and their rocky peaks and covered with snow.  
The Amazing snow covered Trees
Also the old growth with the massive snow covered trees was just wow..  It helped me feel happier when i reminded myself I almost missed this. I walked across to the weather station which I highly recommend if you go up there doing.  You see more of the Banff valley with Banff Springs hotel.  I took my time because of the freezing cold and the fact the wood path was really slippery but you will all be pleased to know i didn't fall on my butt once!!!!!  Sorry to disappoint Carmel!!!!
The pathway

I just stood there and enjoyed also to feel a bit better because I think the altitude was getting to me.  I was struggling for full breaths...  

I knew I should have taken my asthma spray with me because I needed it.  But just took my time...  But it was sooo cold I didn't take any gloves or scarf because the scarf was in the other suitcase and didn't have gloves with me.  I needed them that day.  

But I did try to make a snowman and according to my wonderful friends on Facebook it was pitiful...  And yes it was but my hands were getting sore from being so cold and didn’t want to lose them to frost bite so it had to be pitiful…

My apparently Pathetic Snowman

I made my across to the weather station which was really old and in this amazing remote location especially at the beginning of the 1900’s when it first opened and it was only manned by one person.  
The Weather Station
I actually met a Aussie couple from Eumundi up there whose daughter lives in Calgary so they were doing some travelling while she was working.  Then I saw the time so I knew I had to get moving so I made my way back and on the way back the clouds were coming over more and more.  
So it was perfect timing to head back.  Although I did stop to look at the snow on the Douglas fir trees and a little squirrel crawled up my leg.  
See Squirrel on my leg
OMG it was so cute… then it realised that I was a human and ran back down that was funny.   Made my back way down the mountain although I didn’t want to leave but I wanted to walk back by the river and get ready for tonight with the Canada show.  
The cloud coming in 
So I made the trip back down on the gondola and saw some decent blue sky for once.  When we got to the bottom I just relaxed with a nice warm hot chocolate at the Starbucks with the best view so far over the mountains also uploaded some iphone photos to Facebook.
Autumn Colours over Bow River
I caught the bus back to town and got off so I could walk back by the bow river which was so pretty up close and really fresh water... The water was so clear and reflective with the autumn trees reflecting on the water.  With the mountains and river and the canoes it was so picturesque.  The houses lining the river were so pretty and quaint and I would love to live in one of those especially in winter and Fall because of the colours. 
The bow river 
Went back to the hotel and got changed and ready for the night of hopefully laughter.  It was a great drive to Canmore… the view was amazing especially with the blue sky and I was hoping it would be like that tomorrow.  
the View to Cranmore
The Oh Canada EH! Show was great. A lot of fun while it is geared towards the tourists it is a nice switch off from the trip and everything…  It was a funny show with lots of over acting and VEGGIES!!!!  We were chatting to some of the actors later and a lot of them are working parents earning extra cash etc.  But I got a photo with Casey the Mountie who I have to say is hot hot hot… although my gaydar was up on that one… 
Small bit of sunflare through the bus window 
Went back to the hotel and slept but the beds weren’t the best but at least I slept a bit better than I had the night before given that I decided to take Salena up on her offer for the use of her camera for the rest of the trip…  which I still can't thank her enough for it...  It really ended up making my trip :) 
The 3 sisters in Canmore by the way this was taken around 6pm 

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