Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 10 - Jasper to Sun Peaks - Last Day in the Rockies :(

Woke up to a really cold day and me running late because I had a late one in the lobby and ended up taking my own bag to the lobby because I missed the bag pull by a couple of minutes.  Given my 12 month battle with my sleep I think I had done really well to only do that once. 
Leaving Jasper
It was windy and cold but no snow on the ground but within about 10mins of us ready to leave it starting to sleet.  Although I stuffed the seating up because our usual seats up the back were already taken and I ended up about 4 from the front but I was actually supposed to about 11 back.  Ooopsies … it was also the first day I ended up with the laptop of on the bus. Special Mention has to go to Salena for today ...  Her Awesome driving in some pretty horrible conditions another reason why she just rocks...  
The view from the bus with the clouds on the mountains - so cool 
It felt like one of the longest days on the bus because of the distance that we covered and the fact that frank spoke nearly ALL day. As we were left town within about 10mins out it started to come down hard with the snow and the sleet it was a truly amazing site to see. While very dangerous driving in it because of the wind buffeting the bus it was a truly amazing sight watching the trees getting covered with snow. 

Snow capped trees as we raced by
We went out past Whistler Mountain which has the Jasper Tramway similar to the Sulphur Mountain gondola it would have been nice to go up there if there had been more time which was a shame.  
Mt Robson
I felt so sad to be leaving the Rockies today. It felt like it was over in a flash and didn’t get long enough to explore and enjoy.  I will be back one day and it was the true highlight of my trip.  I have wanted and dreamed of such a journey for so long and it was all coming to an end so rapidly. 
Mt Robson
We also re-entered into Canadian Rockies trench which we last saw in Golden. The trench is formed by the glaciers that surround the Columbia Mountains and feeds to the Columbia and Fraser Rivers both Pacific and Artic Oceans. 

Mt Robson
We made our way to Mount Robson which is the highest peak in Rockies…  Not that we got to see much of it.  It was suggested that we pick up our lunch at our morning tea stop because we were going to have a picnic today. Although given the weather conditions it would be a picnic on the bus.  

Pretty Flowers at Mt Robson Info centre
I wandered around and took some photos of snow covered mountains which were covered by clouds.  Although I did try to find some pep up food and Pete brought more crap than me so I wasn’t alone.  Haha 
Mt Robson
I wandered through the gift shop and Brian pointed out the calendars which I had been looking for … Thank you Brian perfect size for my desk (which turns out I don’t have one anymore).
Bye bye Canadian Rockies - I love you 
We took off again through the rain and sleet towards Sun Peaks.  It really was a boring drive today with limited visibility so I have to admit there was a bit of sleeping done because our schedule had been so full on for the past few days it was quite nice to have a slow day. 
the final view ... sigh
So I typed up the email to everyone so I could remember what I have done with a better recall and also let everyone know what I have been up too J

The view for most of the day
We stopped at Wire Cache – yes that is right it was called Wire cache…  It is where the Canadian National railway stored the wire needed for the telegraph lines along the railway line.  It was an interesting picnic in the bus….  And the usual line up for the toilet. 

the beautiful rivers 
I decided not to venture down to the river because it was pouring with rain and didn’t want to get the camera wet given that it was not mine also the cold I was still fighting was given me some grief. 

Leaving the Rockies Trench just before wells Gray
We travelled on to our evening stop at sun peaks with our afternoon spot at Wells gray which was just an information centre in the middle of nowhere.  The weather finally started to clear but there was a predication of thunder storm in the afternoon so the canoeing people got disappointed because it got canned due to the weather. 

Downtown Sun Peaks ... yes it is a happening place
As we got closer to Sun peaks we learnt ALL about the bushfires that ravaged the area.  While it was very tragic … I have to admit I was ready to slap frank…  we lost 200 lives in a fire that took lives in an instant and he kept going on about how the economic damage that had happened.  

The water drops on the Douglas firs..  
It comes back to the USA attitude that ours is always much bigger and worse.  I feel sorry for the community but then again this fire raged for days but the Black Saturday was instant… Sorry I am getting on my soap box.  
the lichen on the branches 
It was one of those days when all he did was talk… not really educated about the people on his bus…  I don’t know about the rest of you but with family in Melbourne and in that area (who luckily were untouched).  
Autumn Colours at Sun Peaks
I felt a bit insulted actually while I know he liked to let us know about the different experiences but everyone goes through these tragedies and what country that it is in doesn’t lessen it.  I just don’t want to sit on a bus and hear how awful and horrible that it happened.  There are people out there who go through the same thing time and time again…  I am not sure if that all made sense just my indignation coming through.
Pretty flowers 
We finally made it to Sun peaks about 4pm in the afternoon after being on the bus since like 7.30am. It was a long day I think because frank didn’t shut up all day. Although I did manage to tune him out and sleep for some of it. 

All vintaged up - the Fire hydrant in question...  it is just wrong to take a photo of someone taking photo.. just saying pete!!! 
When we got in they had drinks and stuff waiting for us which was nice. It was one of the nicer hotels so far.  Tania and I went for a wander around town since it hadn’t rained and we ended up separating because I wanted to go down photos by the creek and the bridge.  
Beautiful covered bridge all vintaged up 
So when I finished that I kept on running into everyone … considering how small sun peaks is and also that not much was open I got to see nearly the whole tour group in town which normally doesn’t happen because we all tend to scatter once we arrive somewhere.  Although a certain male decided to take photos of me taking photos… so not flattering!!!!  Grrr
The Covered Bridge
It was a cute little bavarian inspired town in the middle of nowhere really. I am not sure why we don't stay at Kamloops at least there is stuff to do but it was a fun monday night and got to see a part of canada that we normally would not have seen.  

The Golf Course looking from the Bridge
We decided to all eat dinner together and I had to make sure they had a vegetarian option for Tania. So Nerina, Fran, Me, Pete, Brian and Tania all went to dinner together with cocktails and a lot of laughter and naughtiness especially going on at my end of the table. Are you honestly surprised by that?  But god we had fun… and loved my cocktails… there was a lot of fun happening on that Monday night in Sun Peaks.  

The Bridge looking back into Sun Peaks
Which had all of 2 places open to eat… it really is not a happening town and not designed for tour groups outside of the ski season. 
I really like this photo..  don't know why but it is kind of cool
This brings me to my dodgy memory and what happened that night.  I got all excited because there was a cool fire hydrant and I tried to photograph it… which doesn’t really work when you have had 2 massive cocktails, it is night time and you are giggling!!!!  
The Cocktail in Question - Giggle 
Pete then goes you are just a hydrant whore who is going to take photos across Canada and USA…sharing your hydrant love across the country… hence the beginning of the hydrant whore antics.  Also the album that is on Facebook is a direct result of the taunting and teasing that went on that night. 
The Hydrant in Question
Also that night because I had no wireless in the room I went down to the lobby so I got to see everyone coming home and also acted as the receptionist because the hotel is not staffed of a night. Did some emailing and photo sorting along with some blogging with a bit of Facebook… ahhh perfect end to an evening. 

p.s. Most of the photos were adjusted with Eye Candy Actions Vintage Wash and Zap since I have more time on my hands to play


  1. Such a fantastic record of your wonderful trip Eileen..with gorgeous photos :) Loved seeing my favorite part of the World through your eyes. xx

  2. awww Thanks Sheye.. Coming from you I am really touched and I appreciate it. I actually had a lot of fun playing with the Eye Candy and seeing how the photos changed with it. and It truly is a amazing part of the world and can't wait to go back xoxoxo