Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 30 - Pennsylvania then onto Washington

Amish Visit and then onto Washington 

Woke up feeling blah… as the alcohol had affected more than I realised given that it was only 1 and I think because we had been having such massive days the overall tiredness was getting the better of me. But in the rush to get ready this morning I forgot to take my migraine preventer and then it was too late...  I have a feeling Steve won’t be as nice as Salena in getting these off the bus.
Pins in the clothing 
We boarded to a chilly bus and waited for the usual lost passenger and this is where I took the opportunity to run off (yes run off the bus) to get some water after Christina told me not too… while she went to look for the missing guest. Whoopsies giggle…  shhh but don’t tell Christina…  ran back on after the machine REFUSED to take my money …stupid crinkled American $1 bill.  Vicki did make the comment that she was surprised I ran… yes I do it very very reluctantly but I do it …
Boys shoes  
So no water but everyone was very helpful… but I felt like a migraine was coming mainly because I think I was dehydrated and tired.  But we went the short distance down the road to the Amish house that we were visiting … it was so pretty and with the white picket fences and all.
The white picket Farmhouse  
We went inside and immediately got separated into women and men which is how they sit for many hours on a Sunday at church. Also this is how they prepare their meals with men separated from the women as they prepare the Sunday meal which is treated as a massive family and neighbourly affair every week. 
Parents Bedroom
We then moved upstairs and it was a bit hot up there and I started feel quite ill so I sat down but ended up tuning out half of what she said. But I did grab a brochure so I would remember everything she said. Because she said so much in such a short period of time. The most interesting fact I got from the visit is the fact that the Amish use pins to make their clothing my only question to that is … why not just sew them … I didn't get that one.
Family Cooking area  
Also I am not sure what the roller blades were doing in the boy’s room given that they shun modern technology. I still don’t agree what they do at rum springer is if the child chooses to live in the modern world they are completely shunned by their family.  I think that is not Christian so that to me goes against their values of Christian living.
the different types of clothing  
Also they only usually got married in November because that is when the harvest is completed and so the family has time to prepare with the ceremony usually on a Tuesday or weekday so it doesn’t interfere with the Sunday church preparations.
the Stone barn
We got to wander the farm after the tour of the house.  I was grateful for the fresh air.  It had some truly amazing quilts and the cool goat gate bridge.  It was a quaint little farm area with the beautiful stone of the main house.
the Amish Farmhouse 
We ducked into our first “Target” in the USA, I got some water and had a quick look around including at the Pizza hut inside the Target.  Yes that is right Pizza hut…  I wish I had brought some shorts like some of them because it was only getting warmer. I talked to Steve into getting into the bottom of the bus and getting the drugs out… somehow I was successful. With the comment of how many tablets do you take …I just told him that I need them to keep on looking young and beautiful..  he said well they work…  haha so the flirt continues …
Set for dinner 
We made our way to Washington and tried not hit to the Amish buggy on their way to Sunday services.  We got subjected to the infamous American president’s test …. I did BAD…  Needed Google and I refused to be ripped off by the data changes.  I solemnly swear never to subject my bus to THAT test.  Haha
Amish Buggy 
We arrived in Washington I think in like 1 ½ hours when it normally takes 2 hours so thanks Steve for the extra time.  The rif raf and I decided to hang together and walk to the white house.

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