Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 28 - Niagara - Nighttime at the Falls

We headed back to the hotel around 4ish which meant an early arrival for once so I went for a swim to work out the kinks in my shoulder. It was really cool with a whole kid adventure area but the pool was pretty much empty except for Linda and Roy and Christina and Allan so it was nice to chat to them while I relaxed.
How beautiful are these colours over the American Falls
I decided instead of going to find the outlet centres that I would relax and have some dinner in the restaurant. I had planned on eating with Vicki and Kim but because I went swimming I missed them so I joined the Rif Raf and had a cross table conversation with Christina and Steve. We should have just joined the tables although Christina wasn’t really surprised I had ordered steak and veggies. I love my veggies and I think comment was suprise surprise about my dinner choice. 
The Niagara Wheel
We went to meet the bus but I forgot my jacket and decided once waiting outside for a bit that I would go back for it. Thinking that the bus would be along any second so I did a quick dash but it turns out the front desk had the times wrong. 
Niagara by Night 
But we headed on down with lots of laughter and teasing on the bus back to the downtown area.  I walked down with most of the Group but broke away from the main group. This meant I missed the fact that Hilda fell on the steps because it was so dark and I felt horrible because I wasn’t there to make sure she got down safely.
And the big bang begins 
Set the tripod up in a good spot right near the Maid in the Mist entrance and waiting and tested the camera waiting for the fireworks.
How amazing is this? Fireworks over Niagara 
Seriously how often do you get to see Fireworks over Niagara…?  Once in a lifetime so I was not going to miss this. The light show was amazing and gave a beautiful creamy effect to the falls which is not shutter speed related.
The amazing lightshow over Niagara 
The lightshow began and it was so beautiful and jaw dropping from the sheer uniqueness of the experience along with the colours over the falls.
The amazing lightshow over Niagara
It was only a quick 10 minute show so I went off and found the girls and we were going to go on the Ferris wheel. We walked past the bus stop and everyone was there waiting saying that they were tired so they were heading back. It was barely 9pm big pikers. 
The amazing lightshow over Niagara 
I headed up with the girls but I wanted to get some photos of downtown area so the rif raf went off to the Hershey store to buy some kisses I just wish I had asked them to get me more peppermint ones.
The amazing lightshow over Niagara 
Set up the tripod and got some great shots of the downtown area. They came back for me and we headed off to the Ferris wheel which is a similar set up to the Brisbane wheel which is at Southbank. As we waited I stood up the tripod again and got some great shots.
The amazing lightshow over Niagara 
As we waited I started to chat with the girls about their lives and they were part of 5 ladies that had lost their husbands so they travel together once a year and do smaller trips throughout the year.
All gone...  
Also the fact that Hilda is actually scared of heights but they have a pact that they do everything together without question so I was so proud of those girls. To be so brave and still willing to live their lives so to the full was simply fantastic and yes we have kept in touch by letters not email!!!
Downtown Niagara 
We headed back to wait for the shuttle bus and OMG I think we had the craziest driver ever!!!!  He was nuts!!!! 
the Niagara version of the Brisbane Wheel 
Telling about what it is like in the middle of summer and independence day weekend with I think every swear word invented. It was such a long trip back because they have to wait for periods of time at the stops despite the fact no one was around considering it was well after 10. 
There is beautiful in the tackiness 
We finally made it back to our hotel around 11ish but I had some serious photo unloading to do before I went to bed. So 45 mins later I crawled into the shower and bed.. soooooooo tired and had to be up at 5.30am for the 6.15am bag pull… arrrgggghhhhhh 

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